What kind of food will be there? What are the prices?

Well, for one, there will be lots of authentic Bavarian fare! This includes, but is not limited to: bratwurst, cheddarwurst, schweinshaxe, pretzels, roasted chicken, desserts, and much much more. Prices will vary per vendor. Admission to the event does not include food or beverages.

Can I bring my pet?

No animals are permitted within the amphitheatre, except for registered special needs assistance dogs, and, of course, registered contestants in the Wiener Dog Races!

What does “Gemutlichkeit” mean?

A state of warmth, friendliness and good cheer. Gemutlichkeit!

How do I get my dog in the Wiener Dog Race? What do we win?

If you have a living and breathing wiener dog (Dachsund), sign up for our annual race!

What if it rains?

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of big tents and covered areas – The Triangle Oktoberfest will go on rain or shine!

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking will be allowed, within designated areas.

Where do I park? How much will it cost?

Plenty of parking will be available at the venue. $5 per car and $10 for Preferred Parking. CASH ONLY. Check out the venue parking map for details.

Will transportation be provided?

No. However, local taxi companies will on site throughout the event, along with Uber & Lyft drivers on those respective apps.

Do I have to dress in Lederhosen or Dirndls?

No, but it’s highly encouraged to become more immersed in the event with many others dressed up!

How much will drinks cost?

Get ANY beer for only $6 in a 16 oz. stadium size cup!! You may also bring your own Stein, Tankards, Mugs, Boots (depending on size, 2 tickets may be required). Buy your tickets when you get through the gates. Soda, water, and wine will also be available for varying costs.

You may also buy a Triangle Oktoberfest 5oz Sampler glass for only $25!! Enjoy all the beer you want!! 

We’ll also be selling the Triangle Oktoberfest 1/2 Liter Mug for only $4!! 

Are there any hotels close to the event?

Absolutely: the Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, and Doubletree by Hilton are all within 5 miles of the venue.