Masskrugstemmen (Stein Hoist Competition)
Raise your beer! How long can you hold 32 ounces of beer in a heavy glass stein? Don’t spill or drop your arm or shake too much or succumb to jeers of the crowd.

Just bring 2 beer tickets to the table and show us what you got.  There will be 2 competitions on Friday and 4 on Saturday to determine this year’s Stein Hoist Champion.  Winners of each competition will receive a prize.  And everyone gets to enjoy the beer thanks to . . .

FYI . . . last year’s best time was 8 minutes and 47 seconds.

Click here to learn all about the Stein Hoist rules and other fun tips!

Hammerschlagen (the “Striking Hammer” or “Hammer-Striking”) is an older traditional competitive game involving driving a nail into a log. Open competitions all day.

Yodeling Contest
Yodeling is a form of singing which involves repeated and rapid changes of pitch between the low and high falsettos. The English word yodel is derived from the German (and originally Austro-Bavarian) word jodeln, meaning “to utter the syllable jo” (pronounced “yo” in English).  Alpine yodeling was a longtime rural tradition in Europe and is still major feature of folk music (Volksmusik) from Switzerland, Austria, and southern Germany and can be heard in many contemporary folk songs.