Wiener Dog Races & Parade | Sponsored by Chatham Animal Hospital
Wiener Dogs (formally known as Dachshund’s) run a quick race from the starting gate to their owners arms. This will be our most watched event of the day with around 40 dogs registered. Winners receive a prize. To register your Wiener Dog today and to check out the official rules, click here. 

Masskrugstemmen (Stein Hoist Competition)
Raise your beers! How long can you hold 5 lbs of beer? There will be several Stein Hoist contests throughout both days of the event. Winners receive a prize. Show your support and have some fun! 

Click here to learn all about the Stein Hoist rules and other fun tips!

Hammerschlagen (the “Striking Hammer” or “Hammer-Striking”) is an older traditional competitive game involving driving a nail into a log. Open competitions all day.

Yodeling Contest