Best Dressed for the Day Contest
Come dressed in your Lederhosen and Dirndl’s and other authentic German attire to get free beer tickets and also enter to win the Best Dressed of the Day contest. There will be 1 Mrs., Mr., Ms., Jr. Ms. and Jr. Mr. chosen as a winner for each day! Winners receive a prize. (No charge to participate)

Wiener Dog Races
Wiener Dogs (formally known as Dachshund’s) run a quick race from the starting gate to their owners arms. This will be our most watched event of the day with around 40 dogs registered. Winners receive a prize. Two (2) free admission tickets upon registering your Wiener dog. To register your Wiener Dog today and to check out the official rules, click here. 

Sam Adams National Stein Hoist Competition
Raise your beers! How long can you hold your beer filled stein straight out? There will be several Stein Hoist contests throughout both days of the event. Winners receive a prize. Sign up at the Sam Adam’s beer tent. Donations will be accepted on your behalf that is 100% donated back to Alzheimer’s NC. Show your support and have some fun! 

Hammerschlagen (the “Striking Hammer” or “Hammer-Striking”) is a competitive game involving driving a nail into a log. Volunteers will help set up area, register contestants, judge winner(s). Winners receive a prize. (No charge to participate)

Fräulein Beer Obstacle and Men’s Beer Obstacle
Women/men will carry steins full of beer through an obstacle course and the winner is decided by whoever finishes the course the fastest and spilling the least amount of beer. Winners receive a prize. (No charge to participate)